Course Catalog 2023-2024

Master's Program Student Handbook

About the Handbook

The Smith School for Social Work Student Handbook is the student’s guide to the School. It contains the most up-to-date information available on:

  • M.S.W. Program requirements
  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Enrollment and registration procedures
  • Resources and services for students

Students are responsible for knowing the School and College’s policies and procedures as published in this Handbook and the Field Education Manual. Please take the time to read both carefully.

This Student Handbook is intended only to provide information for the guidance of the Smith College School for Social Work students. The information is subject to change, and the Smith College School for Social Work reserves the right to depart without notice from any policy or procedure referred to in this handbook. This handbook is not intended to be and should not be regarded as a contract between the Smith College School for Social Work and any student or other person.

Table of Contents

Mission Statement
Including: Anti-Racism Core Principles, Statement on Philosophy of Inclusion, Notice of Non-Discrimination, Religious Accommodation, Council on Social Work Education Professional Competencies

101 Essential Attributes and Abilities
Including: 101.1 Professional and Ethical Commitment, 101.2 Diversity & Social Justice, 101.3 Self-Awareness & Self-Management, 101.4 Empathy, 101.5 Communication, 101.6 Interpersonal Skills, 101.7 Organizational Awareness, 101.8 Professional Behavior

200 Program Description
Including: 200.1 Program for Master’s Students in the 27-month Program, 200.2 Program for Master’s Students with Advanced-Standing Status​, 200.3 Overall Degree Requirements (200.3A For Master’s Students in the 27-month Program and 200.3B For Master’s Students with Advanced Standing Status), 200.4 Changes in Curriculum, Course Requirements or Schedule

300 Course Expectations
Including: 300.1 Class Attendance, 300.2 Extensions, 300.3 Incomplete Work (300.3.1 Incomplete Work in Courses and 300.3.2 Incomplete Work in Field Internship), 300.4 Withdrawing from a Course, 300.5 Student Feedback on Courses and Internships

400 Grading Policies
Including: 400.1 Grades for Coursework, 400.2 Grading, 400.3 Grade Changes, 400.4 Appeal of Grade, 400.5 Good Academic Standing, 400.6 Failing Grades (400.6.1 Failing Grade in Field or Practice Courses and 400.6.2 Options for Making Up Failing Grades)

500 Course Registration
Including: 500.1 Add/Drop, 500.2 Withdrawing from a Course, 500.3 Auditing, 500.4 Course Scheduling, 500.5 Prerequisites for Course Registration, 500.6 Transferring Course Credit, 500.7 Waiving a Required Course

600 Student Advising
Including: 600.1 Summer Academic Advising, 600.2 Field Advising, 600.3 Community Based Anti-Racism Experience (CBARE) Advising, 600.4 Research Practicum Advising

700 Academic Difficulty
Including: 700.1 Informal Problem-Solving Process, 700.2 Academic Progress Review (700.2.1 Conference, Stage 1 of the Academic Review Process and 700.2.2 Review, Stage 2 of the Academic Progress Review: 700.2.2.A Personal and Professional Misconduct Violations, 700.2.2.B Convening the Academic Progress Review Committee, 700.2.2.C Invited Participants at Review, 700.2.2.D Supporting Participant at Review), 700.2.3 Review Procedures (700.2.3.A Notice of Review, 700.2.3.B Pre-Review Information Dissemination, 700.2.3.C Preparation Meeting of the Participating Review Committee Members, 700.2.3.D Review Meeting Process), 700.2.4 Notification of the Review Outcomes, 700.2.5 Non-Exhaustive List of Authorized Sanctions, 700.2.6 Confidentiality, 700.2.7 Student’s Request to Withdraw of Take a Leave of Absence Prior to Review, 700.2.8 Appeals Procedure, 700.2.9 Appeal of Academic Progress Review Decision

800 Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Probation & Dismissal
Including: 800.1 Voluntary Leave of Absence, 800.2 Mandatory Leave of Absence (800.2.A Adjudicated by the Progress Review Committee and 800.2.B Adjudicated by the Dean’s Office), 800.3 Returning from Leave of Absence (LOA), 800.4.A Notation on Student Records, 800.4.B Credits, 800.5 Academic Probations, 800.6 Dismissal, 800.7 Exit Interview

900 Student Records
Including: 900.1 School Policies & Procedures in Accordance with FERPA, 900.2 Records Kept by the Registrar Office, 900.3 Records Kept by the Student Financial Services Office, 900.4 Records Kept by the Office of the Dean 900.5 Records Kept by the Field Education Department, 900.6 Records Kept by the Office of Disability Services

1000 Financial Matters
Including: 1000.1 Refund Policy, 1000.2 Financial Assistance, 1000.3 Fees and Expenses, 1000.4 Library Fees, 1000.5 Miscellaneous Fees, 1000.6 Late Fees, 1000.7 Post-Residency Fees, 1000.8 Pro-Rated Fees, 1000.9 Health Insurance, 1000.10 Campus Housing

1001 Campus Life & Responsibilities
Including: 1001.1 Social Events Accessibility Policy, 1001.2 Using Social Media in Professional & Educational Endeavors, 1001.3 Housing, 1001.3.1 Community Living and Responsibility, 1001.3.2 Housing Policies, 1001.3.3 House Rules, 1001.3.4  House Security

1002 Communications From the School

1003 Policies of Smith College
1003.1 Statement of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression, 1003.2 Policies Concerning Freedom of Expressions and Dissent, 1003.3 Smith College Equal Educational Opportunity Policy, 1003.4 Smith College Sexual Misconduct Policy, 1003.5 Smith College Policy on Substance Abuse and Substance Use, 1003.6 Smith College Policies Regarding Alcohol, 1003.7 Smoking Policy, 1003.8 Pranks and Hazing, 1003.9 Disability Services Policy, 1003.10 Service and Support Animals Policies, 1003.11 Parking Policies, 1003.12 Smith College Policy on Chalking, 1003.13 Posting of Information, 1003.14 Firearms Policy, 1003.15 Missing Student Policy, 1003.16 Bicycle Policy, 1003.17 Smith College Social Events Policy, Student Handbook Addendum: Student Guide to Public Health and Campus Life

Appendix A: National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) Notifications and Procedures